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    ftp space

    does anyone have some ftp space I could use

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    If you check out 0catch, they might have what you need. Free webserver, 12 mb I think, 1 mb file size limit, but you get FTP access for free.

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    Originally posted by blackrat364
    If you check out 0catch, they might have what you need. Free webserver, 12 mb I think, 1 mb file size limit, but you get FTP access for free.

    No remote linking and file extension limits? I doubt that'd be his first choice...

    You won't find many people willing to give up precious bandwith to some random person for free. The space is usually not an issue - if I had a server, and somehow people could access files on it without wasting bandwith, then I'd give out a free file hosting account to anyone. But since any transfer uses bandwith...
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    It offers web space for web hosting. The way to get files on there is via FTP (*hint hint*). So you can essentially use it as an ftp server. Its free, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file size (almost, like no over 400 mb lol), and a subdomain. It's run by my friend. Just email him and you'll get it asap in like 3 minutes when he gets your email.

    Its his personal server but downloads are pretty decent: 35 Kbps steady.

    A more direct link:

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    116 is very nice, 5 gig bandwidth, unlimited space, cgi/php/mysql support, ftp, but enough ads to fill a... large space
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    What do you need FTP space for?
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    Pagemac doesn't put any ads on your page*, its just free space.

    * (lol, I sound like an ad) However, on only your main page, a small, customizable, span linking to the other pages in the network, about 20 pixels high needs to be placed in any part of the page, prefferably the top.

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