Thread: (AIDS) Bush May Have Done Something Right

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    Originally posted by Europe_is_cool
    I think a more important issue is the was against US ignorance.

    First, the US need to get some free media and some freedom of speech.

    Originally posted by GanglyLamb
    Seems to me ur looking to get flamed.....

    And i couldnt disagree more with you, we Europeans have great lifes Americans also have great ways of living there life.... but lots off ppl arent, i suggest you open ur eyez and watch some tele. Even from such a "evilised-medium" you can learn whats going off

    BTW in case you didnt saw it, i live in belgium (Europe) so dont say im defending the US coz i live there.

    Originally posted by Europe_is_cool
    For those of you who haven't got it, I intented to write "I think a more important issue is the WAR against US ignorance".

    But just look at this:

    "The street corners of Tikrit were decorated with homemade shrines to Saddam Hussein yesterday, small portraits decked with flowers lying on the pavements. The US had banned all birthday celebrations at Saddam's birthplace and former powerbase, but throughout the town residents marked the former dictator's 66th birthday with quiet defiance."

    Is that what the US call freedom???

    And do you know what media was and what media wasn't allowed to report from the Gulf war?

    The US goverment, with it's Messian politics, is evil. I feel sorry for most of the people living in it. First, we need to encourage, but of course not force, people in the US to give up the Christian faith, which has happened to a large extent over here in Europe. It's purely en-stupiding, not like a scientific religion, like Islam.

    And so on. Now Novocain please tell what this has got to do with AIDS. Oh you cant you are probably outside (on the swing or slide or something I'll bet)

    So, please do not in future assume anything or tell others they should do something. It's just not cricket. My opinion was that the posts had no relevance to the subject. There!
    Such is life.

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    -About the draft: You got to be serious. Did you know (correct me if I'm wrong) their are only 3 members of Congress who have family members in the military? I'm a veteran myself so I find it highly ridiculous that Senator Rangel of New York would say something so silly as to bring back a relic such as the draft. After 9/11 I got to see the influx of young people joining the military....people are more proud of this country than many would like us all to believe. Their is no need for a draft. Besides, the way most people are sensitive today I don't think it would be a good idea to make someone fight who doesn't want to
    yeah, there are lot of brave kids, but look whos leading them. the new recruits are the ones with the balls, id like to see the anti-americans in a war. maybe they would shut up. you said you were in the military, wouldnt you like to see some people scared striaght?

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    >>Now Novocain please tell what this has got to do with AIDS. Oh you cant you are probably outside<<

    Actually I was.
    On a beautiful sandy beach with the kids, swimming, surfing and catching fresh fish for dinner.

    I did not mention Muslims in my previous posts, not once.

    I pointed out that even at the reduced prices these people could not afford AIDS retro viral drugs as a month cost more than their years salary.

    Then I pointed out that, not only is it the morally right thing to do, but it is our best interests to help these people.

    If this conversation is not to your liking, then go away.

    >>id like to see the anti-americans in a war. maybe they would shut up.<<

    I hope you/your kids/my kids never have to fight in a war. I hope war becomes a thing of the past that is only discussed in history class to gasps of disbelief.

    But you mean you would prefer if we all just let the US do what ever it saw as needed (to protect the US way of life) and stopped using the right to free speech (complaining) that we did not like what the US hegmony has become, a 'pre-emptive' attacker of its weaker neighbours.

    Just let the US imprison people inc. children 13 - 16 without charge, legal represetation or hope. Then complain that captured US service personel are shown on TV.

    Then applaud the US for sending a few million in aid, then taking it back in farm subsidies, trade tariffs and protections.
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