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    VS.NET Compiler

    Does this thing support separate file compilation with templates or what? I kept getting an unresolved external error!!!!!!

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    I made a VS.NET beta 2 account and lodged this complaint to the VS.NET development team.

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    I was talking with zen earlier about I asked him if these problems had been sorted out.

    this was his reply......

    OK, here's a quick run down, don't take this as gospel because I've only quickly checked them with the MS examples, they've ignored most of the template specialisation issues, however I was reading that some guy that has worked with Bjarne Stroustrup has just been employed by MS to look at, so some more of these might get sorted out -

    Q240862 Yes
    Q240869 No
    Q242190 No
    Q240871 Yes
    Q240866 No
    Q241949 No
    Q241940 Yes
    Q239436 Possibly
    Q241706 Yes
    Q242192 Don't Know
    Q241569 Yes
    Q243444 Yes
    Q167748 Yes, but not properly
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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