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    Use the Euro server, anyways, you people need to talk, PLEASE! I'm a lonely, nerdy, single male.
    If you ever need a hug, just ask.

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    Hi ,

    Does anyone know how to make the mirc see through a firewall ??

    I kept getting blocked.

    What do i have to do ??

    And To All Those Opposed, WELL !!!
    >Deleted< " Looks like a serial no."

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    I'm in the IRC channel atm and it's completely empty, why is it so hard to:

    A) Add SOME sort of reference to it on the actual website and,

    B) Add SOME sort of sticky thread in general discussions with reference to it also.

    Plaster it everywhere, sometimes forums can be a pain, with the waiting times etc. and real-time help is handy.
    Thor's self help tip:
    Maybe a neighbor is tossing leaf clippings on your lawn, looking at your woman, or harboring desires regarding your longboat. You enslave his children, set his house on fire. He shall not bother you again.

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    hmmm... I doubt that much will get done in an IRC channel, but we can try it. I'm in there right now, and I don't have any company in there. I'll probably be around in there all day though.

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    Forgive me for diverting away from the topic,but don't u feel that it would be great if all the developers in the forums of this site could come together and create products.
    It sounds a little far-fetched,but I think it would be fun to do so.

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