Thread: Work for jack in the box? NOT AFTER TONIGHT!

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    Work for jack in the box? NOT AFTER TONIGHT!

    Ok, just got off a gawd awful grave yard shift, and decided to look for a new job ASAP!

    First thing to start off the night, one of the guys who works grave yard shift came in Hopped up on Coke!(yes, the drug). So we kicked him out--and hes fired too. (Side note: He managed to get to the 7-11 gas station right by our store and once there tripped out and collasped, hes in the hospital--almost dead from overdose--oops.)

    3.5 hours later into the shift and the store manager calls up (a REAL ANAL guy) he decides he's cominn in to help. He gets in and practicaly takes over the whole kitchen reducing the 3 staff to menial tasks like dish washing and cleaning up and stocking everything. THEN starts lieing to the customers about what we have (saying the shake machine is down, out of chipolet sandwitches etc. etc.). I mean he was doing some shifty stuff!

    Any how I finally got off at 4am (thank god my schedual had me off a little early)

    I also found out (earlier in the night before the coked out guy came) that my next raise won't come for 6 months (and Im working for $6.00 a damn hour!! 35 hours a week. So thats bull $$$$.

    Im out of there as soon as possible. I'll take any lowely clarical--data entry job i can find as long as its upwards of $8 and hour.

    Jesus what a freakin night.
    (it should be realized my posts are all in a light hearted manner. And should not be taken offense to.)

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    well, I hope you have better nights.

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    I thought 6.75 was minimum wage?

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    In massachusetts. And probably in other states, too. The national minimum wage is $5.15.

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    Well obviously his boss is a Nazi.
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    Jack in the Box is a slave driver. It's good to get out IMMEDIATELY! You're probably better off staying away from McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Rally's, Sonic's, Hardees, and the all other burger places if you can. Fast food relies on teen and dropout slavery for its cheap (price and quality) food.

    Always remember to tell your potential slave master that you won't work in the middle of the night (don't put down negotiable for hours!), and, if they want you to anyway, I'm sure you can think of a few choice words to tell the slaver.

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    When I was 14 I worked at a fast food restaurant (I wouldn't call it restaurant) as a cashier and after school I would work from 5:00 to 10:00, then on weekends I worked 8 hours each day. They kept me just under full time so that they didn't have to give me benefits. I got minimum wage $5.90 per hour, then they decided that I had to pay them $7 a night to drink pop from the tap, so I'm like "No. I simply will not drink." then they tried to tell me that I had to legally if they made that policy(which is BS, I asked Better Business Beuraeu(however you spell it))... then later they posted a very obscene letter on the wall saying "We put our blood and tears into this place, blah blah lbah" so I removed that from the wall and replaced it with my resignation going something like "I [Name here] resign from Willy's Hamburgers at December 17th [Signature Here]" then I waited for 2 months and came back and told her I wanted my cheque. After that I started working at a warehouse from 4am until 8am removing, and sorting, thousands of pounds of meat from trucks so that it could be shipped. Currently I am a dishwasher for very expensive weddings, and it sucks. It's hell. I hate it. But I plan on quitting during the summer. Don't worry man, we're all in the same situation in a way.

    edit: A couple months ago I phoned work to see what time I started that night (I was at school, so I was cranky) and the manager said "Oh, sorry, nobody is downstairs to check for you, you'll have to call later." then I called 1 hour later and I asked again and their like "Would you like to talk to someone downstairs?" then I said "I don't really care. Just tell me what time I work!" then she got mad and told me that she was busy and had a business to run (go figure..) so I told her that she wasn't running it very well and that I had a life so she better tell me when I worked. Well, I almost got fired and I was very happy to make a new enemy at work. I never say hello to her, she just glares at me... there goes my reference... This is what I have learnt: Most authoritative figures, such as managers or owners, believe that they own you, and they are usually cruel self-centered pricks.
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    Heh. I get $7 dollars an hour working as Arbys corporate slave. I'm surrounded by people that as me if I'm sure when I tell then 30*3=90 without using a calculator. Eventually, they gave up on trying to get me to punch the amount of cash into the register when they figured out that I actually got it right when I did it in my head, and I could do it faster than they could punch the buttons. Then they yelled at me for some seriously stupid reasons. I work next Saturday, and then I'm free...I'll go try to find a job that doesn't suck as much after AP tests.

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    I avoid corporate places when looking for work. I'm still in school, but I recently had a weekend job at a library. Not too boring and you meet nice people.

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    Welcome to the REAL world!

    I don't like you very much. Please post a lot less.
    *and then*
    No, I know you were joking. My point still stands.

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    I get paid a measly $5.15/hour working at Fazolis. Luckily we close at 10 PM so we have no late night shifts, managers are nice, and we have good hours.
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    >>Luckily we close at 10 PM so we have no late night shifts, managers are nice, and we have good hours.

    Which would explain why DavidP is the only one here who doesnt randomly lash out violently and hysterically.

    Would everyone hate me if I said I make $10 cash, get to pick my own hours, my own days, leave early or late, come early or late, take days off on a moments notice or work OT and extra days whenever I need the cash, work outside in the sun during the summer, and under a roof when it rains, drink beer at work (to be fair, thats only on occasion), and actually enjoy my fellow workers company? Oh ya, and though my boss pays me, and tells me what needs doing, I get to tell 'em how it gets done. Ahh, the benefits of getting into a trade.
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    im pulling 11.25 at gateway

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    i was making $13 / hour stacking beer on skids (picking orders) and i got to drive around on a power jack. good money, hard work. id rather write programs than lift stuff.

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    I make $22/hr. and pull down lots of overtime but I've been in this trade for 10 years and started at a meager $6/hr.
    I'd like to add that money isn't everything.
    If I could I would like to earn my living programming it's something I enjoy even though I'm not proficient at it. I'm years from reaching that goal.
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