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I rlly hope that i won;t take to long till they get all the cars in the world replaced with hydrogen ones. To bad however that the US will most likely ban em to protect it's oil industry.....
No.... just no. We've had alternative fuel vehicles here in the US for a long time. Before electric, and fuel cell cars we had cars that would run on natural gas. We've had cars like that for a long time, and though few people know, a lot of the cars you buy at the dealership can run on either pump gas or natural gas. They just don't tell you that when you buy the car.

We've had electric cars for a while too. GM released the EV1 sometime in the mid 90's, but I can't remeber the exact date. Also the hybrids. Probably 50% of the new civics I see are hybrids, I see quite a few Prius's as well. I don't see too many Insights, but I think that's because they're just too expensive/only a 2 seater/ugly.