Thread: biochemical weapon -assignment

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    biochemical weapon -assignment

    I'm having an assignment and its about bio and chemical weapons, now i want to have a section in my assigment that clearly states that is not that difficult to make your own chemical weapons... something like a tutorial on how to..

    Iif anyone knows a site about this then i'll be thankfull and wont use my home made chemical weapon against you.

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    if there is such a site, I would not be the one to bring attention to it. I'm not saying I question what you're doing but if you WERE doing something illegal I would hate to have been the one to point out how to do it!
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    it shouldn't be that hard to find.
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    I would consult Osama or Husaine on this topic. Though it is a little hard to find these people, but if you know where to look and have good connections you're cool!
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    there is always the good cookbook, but im not allowed to talk about it..... theyre watching us
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    How about no, guys.

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