Thread: whats up with the pop-ups?

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    I'm going to go click a bunch of banners out of spite.
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    Speaking oif which, where did the banner ads go? Do we only have popups now?

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    >>> there and it doesn't "popup up." It goes behind the window.

    If you have to IE Windows open and have asked for in one, then you switch to the second window and continue reading what was there, when the popup loads, it forces the other browser window to the top, and then, as you say, sits behind it. What you were reading is now the third window.

    This behaviour was enough of an irritation, (and hell, it was the same damned advert every time has been for months - something called FullSail), that I used the hosts trick to redirect everything from the adserver to a black hole.

    >>> not exactly the end of the world when one of them appears on your screen is it?

    It breaks concentration. At the end of the day, if you like them, love them, if you don't, kill them.
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    Hmmm...I didn't even realize the site had popups. I have most of them blocked in my HOSTS file (along with the banner ads) and Edexter running to stop the 404 error images...and a popup blocker stopping any that aren't in my HOSTS file. If I saw a banner on this site, though, I'd click it. A bunch Oh well, it's kinda too much work to change the HOSTS file and such...:-/

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