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    CGI Mailing

    I know that when you have an HTML form, you can just have it submit the form information, raw, to a specified mailto: address. What I'd like to do, is have it be submitted to my CGI script, process and nicely format the information, and send it to an email address?

    A couple of questions:
    1) Using CGI (or another easy method), how could I send the formatted strings that my CGI program would produce?

    2) How could I alter the subject line?

    3) What would the "From" name be? The name of my script? The originating web page? Can I change it?

    I'd prefer to use traditional CGI in C, or Perl, or something like that, but PHP and stuff like that is OK too.

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    Yeah, you'd have to use a email protocol (SMTP probably).

    Check this out.

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