Thread: I hate being a hunky, super-macho, heman...

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    Definitely a porn actress.

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    Originally posted by ethic
    Internet Pornography should be outlawed. It corrupts the minds
    of innocent children. Not only children, but adults, too. There's no
    place for pornography in a civilized, evolved society. It caters to
    scum, and anybody caught enjoying pictures and/or movies of
    any sexual activity (even hugging) should immediately be put in

    The world is becoming more and more icky everyday. From the moment
    they're born, people should be taught shame of their bodies. They
    should feel guilt everytime they get naked; whether it be by
    themselves, or infront of someone else. Sex should not be used
    as an expression of love, only procreation. And as soon as DIY
    artficial-insemination packages get invtented and sold at local
    drug stores (available only to those who present an "Adult ID"),
    sex in general should be outlawed.

    People are always quick to complain about "babies having babies."
    Why is that? You can't teach children that nakedness is okay and
    not expect them to be having sex at a young age. Teenage
    pregnancy is a result of these kids' lack of nude-self shame.
    Teach them early, and teach them often -- Nakedness is bad.

    I demand more hot thread sandwich action.

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    Aria Giovanni is representative of Europe's decadent culture. Europe has topless beaches and fat old men wearing grossly inappropriate swim attire. Once a woman believes being topless in public is acceptable, it is not a stretch for her to engage in truly pornographic activities.

    The sad thing is that men are falling for this culture of perversion as well. If a man even jokingly claims he is a "hunky, super-macho he-man," he has deferred to the Sexual Menace. Humanity will only be free when all people accept their bodies as the containers of the mind, not of the libido.

    Minds, it is time for change. Now is the time to reject the sexual stereotypes and choose a life and species-reproductive partner based solely on ability to calculate the value of pi to an obsessive precision.

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    Originally posted by Unregd
    Aria Giovanni is representative of Europe's decadent culture.
    Aria Giovanni was born in San Diego. She's got Italian heritage, but she's 'Merican.

    Oh, and you're an idiot.

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    Re: I hate being a hunky, super-macho, heman...

    I'm so tired of being a weak, sickly, timid man. Especially when you
    consider the trend that "da ladies" seem to be following is that of
    dating strong, healthy, outgoing men that go to the gym about 4
    times per week. The kind of man that gets his haircut on a regular
    basis, wears cologne, and has a well-paying job. Yuppies that
    consider "Will & Grace" to be the greatest show on television.

    I constantly see ladies in the front seat of SUVs looking depressed
    because their Boyfriend's Creed (or Bon Jovi) CD is turned up too
    loud for her to even talk to him. Ethic doesn't like crappy rock
    music, so you don't need to worry about that while driving with
    me. I'll listen to you.

    Ladies, these men are fooling you. Sure, they may be able to
    buy you nice things and take you to expensive restaurants; But
    they don't care about you, only how you make them look. You're
    just an accessory to them. And if they ever ask you to marry them,
    it's only because they want someone at home cooking them dinner;
    or someone to show off to coworkers at various office-events.
    Other than a select few outings he arranges (that chances are
    have to do with the advancement of his career), you'd be stuck at
    home all day while your husband is cheating on you with an office-

    Money and expensive restaurants aren't important. It's just that
    you ladies have been conditioned to think that a 3 oz. piece of
    imported, European Viel and Asparagus flown in from the coasts
    of Africa*is somehow a more sophisticated meal than an Arby's
    Melt w/Cheddar. I can buy you one of those! I'm sure I have a
    coupon... somewhere...

    * I don't care where Asparagus comes from. .
    Staying away from General.

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    lol. Anyways, I think what he is trying to say is: "Does UPS ship on weekends? Cause my HD has been sitting in Mount Hope, Ontario for two days now(since friday), and its supposed to be going to Mississauga, Ontario, to Maxtor. Anybody know?"

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