Thread: Serial Number of the Motherboard!

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    Exclamation Serial Number of the Motherboard!

    Please help me to retrive the serial number of the motherboard in DOS platform using C programming with source code. I use Turbo C.

    If you can, mail me to

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    Don't want to dissapoint you, but I'm quite sure you won't find any BIOS (not speaking of DOS) int, which will query the motherboard serial number.

    I assume you have to access some low level stuff to get this information (hardware port IO), and this is probably not standardized...So, you'll have to search on motherboard manufacturers sites for board-specifical info.

    However, if you're looking for a general solution ...well, I wish you luck!

    Check this one for example on industry standards

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    For a complete guide to DOS interrupts, check out

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