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    First off, last I heard, about four days ago, SARS has killed over 50, not ten. Second, the reason this is getting so much media attention is not based on how many it kills, because of the fact that it came outta nowhere, is highly contagious and no one is sure how to treat it. Even AIDS and hemorrhagic fever have treatments. And hemorrhagic fever (Like ebola) have a mortality of something like 60%. Which is huge.
    Anyway, it's new and noteworthy and the media doesn't seem to be too concerned about starting a panic, so they report the worst of it. Remember that people in Asia are dying of this, too. Here in Canada, most people seem to be taking this calmly, but there is no such thing as being too prepared. People want to feel secure, so they outfit themselves with the surgical masks, even though those have been proven to be ineffective.
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    Like what Nova_Collision said, of course we must take this problem calmly. Absolutely so reason for panic.

    I'm just ........ed off when some people take this thing so lightly and says "What's the big deal about this??". This is not what a human is supposed to say.
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    Agreed, netboy. I guess we'll see what he says when people start coming down with symptoms in his neighborhood. He'll probably take it more seriously then.
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    Originally posted by ethic
    I found this on someone's LiveJournal page...
    LiveJournal? What, exactly, is that?
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    The rich countries rule the world and the media, it's obvious that our own problems are more interesting for us than the hunger problems in the third world. At least I think they are.

    Besides, all the poor children that are starving shouldn't be feed. Because the more food they get, the more children they produce. Their culture is already $$$$ed upp.

    Viewed from a big perspective, SARS (svår akut respiratorisk sjukdom!) could be a cure for this world. If the population is reduced by 4 percent, and in particular in the poor countries, it would be a good thing for the people that survive!

    What if the goverment is behind this? To make the world a better place.

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