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Thread: Creative Advice

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    Creative Advice

    I'm about to start doing web design, and I've had a thread going at Flashdaddee concerning what to call my company when it turns into that (in the mean time, I just need to decide before I register a domain name!). So tell me what you think of the name, "Mackrory Web Design". Creative, huh? If you don't really like, I'd love to hear some other suggestions.

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    I like it for two reasons. One it sounds professional, and secondly I assume by your sig it's your real last name, so naturally you like it. How could you go wrong?

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    And judgin by your AVATAR, I'm not about to disagree with you on anything...

    But yes that is my real last name, and thanks for the feedback. Does the guy who ckecked "Don't like it" have a suggestion?

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    I guess, there are more to be creative.

    Mackrory Web House
    Mackrory Web Factory
    Mackrory Web Center
    Mackrory Design House
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    > Mackrory Web House
    Too pop-culture

    > Mackrory Web Factory
    Sounds too low-level and gruntish.

    > Mackrory Web Center
    Too arrogant.

    > Mackrory Design House
    Same as the first one.

    Don't give me this, "Oh, but Raven, or ID, or 'whatever" sound cool, and they do good."

    Microsoft isn't very flashy, and they're right up their with pixar and george lucas.

    My website, "Vortex Of Tech" is a good description of the site - a mushy blend of technology information and tips. However, it sucks. It sounds like a hacker created it. "Bits and pieces" would be a far better name for my website, IMO.
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    Like I said at FD

    what about SmackyDesign, you should get customers with that one.

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    Flashy, cool names are evidence of someone trying to dress up the goods. What could be more boring then International Business Machines, but it works.
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity unto the dream.

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    IBM works cause its a nice abbrieviation which can easily remembered. Why dont you do the same? Make the official name something like Mackory Design Studios but make its common name MDS. Catchy, huh?

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    That sounds about right...

    Does anybody have any different suggesstion for an acronym (or URL)?

    edit: And incedentally, I really like SmackyDesign - it sounds like a cross between professional and fun, and at the same time, I am S Mack... - pretty cool.

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    Originally posted by face_master
    IBM works cause its a nice abbrieviation which can easily remembered. Why dont you do the same? Make the official name something like Mackory Design Studios but make its common name MDS. Catchy, huh?

    Ummm catchy yes-that is why.......
    MDS Inc.
    ... What's New. Mar. 28, 2003 MDS Inc. first quarter fiscal 2003 financial results. ... more
    news. visit other MDS sites. 2003 MDS Inc., All Rights Reserved.
    Description: International health and life sciences company operating across three key business sectors: isotopes,...
    Category: Business > Healthcare > Products and Services > Suppliers - 31k - Cached - Similar pages - Stock quotes: MDZ

    MDS Nordion
    MDS Nordion is a global leader in radioisotope technology used to prevent,
    diagnose and treat disease. People ... supplies. MDS Nordion. ...
    Description: Radioisotope technology used to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Products and services include...
    Category: Science > Instruments and Supplies > Isotopes - 5k - Cached - Similar pages

    MDS Pharma Services
    With facilities in more than 18 countries, MDS Pharma Services applies advanced scientific
    and technological expertise to each stage of the drug discovery and ...
    Description: A global contract research organization, offering a complete spectrum of services in drug discovery...
    Category: Business > Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals > ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

    MDSP Front Page; MDS Proteomics Inc.
    home contact us site map MDS Proteomics Inc. COMPANY OVERVIEW. MDS
    Proteomics Inc. (MDSP) is a drug discovery company that ...
    Description: Functional proteomics, protein identification, characterization, and sequencing by mass spectrometry...
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    The instrumentation division of MDS Inc. ... As part of MDS Inc., our core purpose is
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    MDS 2.2 Features in the Globus Toolkit 2.2 Release
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    e-MDs | Home of the "tops" Line of Electronic Medical Record and ...
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    and web-based technologies save physicians time, decrease paper, generate ...
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    Category: Business > Healthcare > ... > Software > Practice Management - 27k - Cached - Similar pages

    Digital Signal Processing Momentum Data Systems
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    Texas Instruments C6713 and DA610; Philips Nexperia (TriMedia). ...
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    Category: Science > Technology > ... > Digital Signal Processing - DSP - 31k - Cached - Similar pages

    MDs, Wednesdays, 10/9c, on ABC - Homepage
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    Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation, Inc. - serving ...
    Aplastic Anemia & MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndromes) International Foundation,
    Inc. serves ... diseases. Merchandise Purchases help Fight AA and MDS. ...
    Description: Fighting Aplastic Anemia, Myelodysplastic Syndromes, and other bone marrow failure.
    Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases > ... > Anemia > Aplastic - 22k - Cached - Similar pages <<<<<<<<

    page 1 of a zillion....see-it is not catchy if it is common. (like IBM isnt common)

    Lots of businesses thrive on the ACTUAL name of the business starters name-like stated above. That sounds good to me!
    Such is life.

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    Wow - I guess I'm going with SmackyDesign. I'm going to go start a poll on SmackyDesigns as soon as I check the availability of a good url. Could one of the mods close this thread, please?

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    Sean, don't use SmackyDesign. It's a bad choice, IMO. But it's not my company either...

    >Like I said at FD


    Like I said at FD, I agree. I still say Mackrory Designs (or Mackrory Web Design(s)) is the best choice...

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    I got your message about how you changed your mind, but what exactly does IMO mean, anyway?

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    Originally posted by Sean
    but what exactly does IMO mean, anyway?
    in my opinion.

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    smackyDesign sounds a little amature..... like your 13 or somethin. id go with one of the more professional sounding ones listed above like "Mackrory Designs"

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