Thread: Soccer ... madrid Vs man utd

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    Soccer ... madrid Vs man utd

    I wish to see this bout tomorrow. Can I catch the action on the web ? Does anybody know any such site ?

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    That must be a great game. I'm also looking forward at how Ajax will do against Milan.

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    Real Madrid?

    If so, wow. That would be one great match.

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    I support Man Utd.
    Life is difficult...

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    is it being televised? online or otherwise?
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    Well i have been a M_U fan since age 10.

    But i forgot the names of M_U team members(famous) of (1974-76). was bobby charlton one of them?i think he was.or was it
    bobby moore?.

    by the way whatever happend to george best.?

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    >>by the way whatever happend to george best.?<<

    He became a career alcoholic until about a year ago when he came within an inch of dying of liver failure (I think it was that). The doctors have told him that basically, if he so much as sniffs a beer mat he will die.

    Watch out for England's newest young star though, Wayne Rooney. He played an awesome game the other night against Turkey and he is only 17. He also holds the record for the youngest player to score in the Premiership.

    Man U vs Real Madrid, now that's one helluva fixture

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