Thread: Microsoft Munkey Buisness

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    Microsoft Munkey Buisness

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    Beautiful, where did you find that?
    That thing sure is old, like 3 years.

    Better now, its 4 lines of writing!
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    lol, very nice!

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    Please stop the one liners - if you have something of substance to say please do so. Even if your one-liners are totally innocent etc, they set a preceident that we don't want. When one liners can become a problem, and therefore we discorage them.

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    I always thought there was something extraordinarily evil about Microsoft. I mean, why do they price their software so high, and I have a lot of trouble with those "user friendly options" that want to assume that they know what I want to do, and auto complete/adjust various things.
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    Yeah, we don't want off-topic one-liners.

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    Originally posted by webmaster
    Yeah, we don't want off-topic one-liners.
    Lol. Kermi, try attacking webmaster. S/he will go to your house and beat you down.

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