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    Functions lister

    I remember quite a while ago that someone had made one of these... either here or at flashdaddee, i can't remember...

    Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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    A processy lister thing?

    I think it was here, can't find it from the search tho. This is quite a good one (written in win32 asm)

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    'Twas me. It's got a few bugs that I never got around to working out, but you can live with them . I think it might have the source with it, but I'm not sure. I don't even know where the source has gone to. - click function lister (duh).

    It was just something that I threw together quickly for Hillbillie a while back, so feel free to fix the bugs on your own. I think there's one where if you do something-or-other it loses track of the function count until you restart it. And there may have been one with editing. Not sure, though.
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    There was also this
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    Yeah, use that one. His actually works right.

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