Thread: Hooray for projects down the crapper

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    I agree. I tend to type everything I can, it's just faster. However, math and physics, or anything math related is easier on paper, especially when it comes to exponents and subscripts. It's faster to write those than format the page. But then math is one of those things that should be done by hand mostly anyways. And for math and things math related, pencil is the way to go. It's easier to erase mistakes than cross them out for math. Other stuff I don't mind pen or pencil too much, like essay tests in english for example.

    I type faster than I write, and I can write fairly quickly.

    I agree though, sometimes, I do tend to remember more stuff when I write it. But it doesn't matter too much, as long as I am concentrating on what I am typing.

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    Originally posted by Scourfish
    I've tried it. My university has an 802.11b network in place, and every 5 seconds my family kept interrupting my note taking with some sort of instant message.
    Easy: get off instant messaging. You shouldn't be doing that in class anyways.

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    How is that you lost those 60 pages? Why didn't you keep the notebook in a safe spot?

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    My mom kept backup copies when she was an cpa by photocopying the pages.

    Or, transfer the pages to the computer when you have time.
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    Originally posted by TechWins
    How is that you lost those 60 pages? Why didn't you keep the notebook in a safe spot?
    It's called theft. The students at the University of Akron will steal anything and everything, even a notebook. In the words of Dante Hicks, "Bunch of savages in this town"
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