Thread: Learning ATL/WTL/COM/DCOM

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    Learning ATL/WTL/COM/DCOM

    Hello All,

    My boss wants me to learn more about ATL/WTL/etc... programming, as we are trying to replace the bulky, slow MFC libraries.
    What are your opinions on these libs?
    I think (so far) that WTL is pretty neat, fast, and easy, although not officially supported by MS.
    I am looking for any tutorials on this subject that I can find, as I have to teach some of my coworkers on the subject in the next month(s).
    Any help/opinions appreciated.
    Oh ya, we use msvc++ 6, others are not an option.
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    There's quite alot of stuff here.

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    Thanks, I'll have a look there.

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