Thread: Crappy War Songs.

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    Crappy War Songs.

    The Beastie Boys released an anti-war song a few weeks ago, it
    sucks. System of A Down had Michael Moore (I like him) direct an
    anti-war video for their song "Boom." That song sucks, too. Lenny
    Kravitz recently released a song; now, I haven't heard it, but
    since it is from Lenny Kravitz, chances are that song also sucks.

    The only good war-song that has been released is "The Final Straw"
    by REM. You can listen to it here:

    You're welcome.
    Staying away from General.

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    Re: Crappy War Songs.

    Originally posted by ethic
    What's the matter!?

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    between photons and phonons
    I really like this song (REM- Final Straw), especially the guitars (gonna look up those tabs right away).

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    Ethic, I'm disappointed. I just posted a thread at FD commenting on the video of Boom!. It's a great song. Not that I agree with that stance in this war (I'm neutral if it matters), but it's a good song.

    Go back to playing with your GI Joes, dammit. You're not the American Idol judges!

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    >>System of A Down had Michael Moore (I like him) direct an
    anti-war video for their song "Boom."

    i like mike moore too(loved bowling for columbine and canadian bacon), not fond of his anti war sentiment, but thats on another thread... i like the SOAD song though, i got their cd(steal this album) a while back and really liked the song...however, i dont like the video, all these people saying stuff like "i dont see how dropping bombs on children is going to bring peace".......its like ::SMACK::
    guns dont kill people, abortion clinics kill people.

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