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    Red face Spirits and Ouigi Boards 2

    That was me, drdroid=droid.. I was just feeling a little lazy at da moment.

    Also about "The Picard" I also remember the TNG episode where there was this woman who swore she had god powers, and the people followed her. She made the ground shake and she could transform and transport. She really just had a cloaked ship outside the atmosphere that used a tracter beam on the tectonic plates to cause earthquakes, a transport beam for disapearing, and a hologram thingy to transform. I find this very plausible, however I am not doubting my own beliefs... Oh, $$$$, I think I'm going to helll.... I haven't been to church in like 7 years.

    BTW, the episode ended where Picard used the same techniques, explained them to the King dude, decloaked her ship, and imprisoned her for breaking almost every federation law.

    But, I was serious about my post on sleep paralysis, for the moderator who deleted it, could you just post it on here, even if you lock it, I want to post some factual material for the answer to the original question. Thanks. BTBTW, please don't IP ban me for this, I have good intentions.

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    I asked that the original thread be removed due to an abundance of off-topic replies.
    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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    They won't ban your IP, cause they don't really have good reason to do it. (Even if they did, there is no way for them to really stop you. Plus to ban you from the site(being, not just message boards) they would require webmaster privileges and access to the servers' configuration)

    Yes, I agree with you that ghosts really don't exist and that our minds basically create these illusions.

    Yes, I also remember the episode where Picard got to play God with that other lady. I also remember an episode where Worf went to 'find himself to believe' in that klingon God, I forget his name.... the one who defeated his brother and threw some sword into the sea or something. But anyways, Data reminded Worf that while he was 'finding himself to believe, and wait for a vision(s)' that Worf would be in front of a fire, and normally extended periods of heat, with no sleep, cause one to hallucinate, and that these visions were merely his own imagination. Makes sense to me.
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