Thread: rhetorical analysis and why it is for YOU!

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    rhetorical analysis and why it is for YOU!

    hey all well y'know i had my writing 39B class last quarter and i think that everyone should take the class because of it's rhetorical analysis sections and it's progressive constructive layout. here's why!

    It helps you understand who you are talking to and how you will get them to understand you're argument, and adhere to it.

    Your heart yearns for someone to listen to you, and taking such a course gives you a means for doing so effectively.

    Understanding rhetorical analysis was effective in helping me personally write more effectively. Furthermore, if the folks running the war would use rhetorical analysis (coupled with cultural awareness and a sort of other things), such positions as a tactical analyst would be rivaled by a rhetorical one!

    You _should_ take writing 39b, it is the right thing to do.

    Ten out of ten english majors and grad TAs recommend taking and have took writing 39b for rhetorical analysis.

    To those who know what rhetorical analysis curtails, let's see if I pulled a fast one over those who don't.


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    Bah, I'm not persuaded. I think you need to retake that course so you can present more appealing arguments.

    And your IPA pronunciation, presumably of "doubleanti," confuses me to no end: doe-blay-ow n-tay? I would have expected /dVbl&nti/ but never /dowblejawntej/.

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    Ray, if it makes your posts more readable, I vote for it.
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