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    The term "war ethics" is quite the oxymoron. That shud answer ur question.
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    its a little bit better than civil war though
    guns dont kill people, abortion clinics kill people.

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    "What's so civial about war anyways?" - Guns N Roses
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    If we go to war because someone is doing something wrong then you can ecspect them to continue it during the war.. I seriously dobt that they would change during a war unless they surender or deside that they could get out if they did.

    In the case with Saddam *spelling I don't think he will fight what is considered 'fare'; allthough there realy isn't fare in war when both sides are trying to take out one another. Your generally expected not to do sertain things, but I don't think he gives a ^)*. And will be charged acordingly with war crimes.

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