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    professional looking icons

    Where do all these big software companies (Microsoft, etc.) get all these complex looking icons? I can only make simple ones. I need the professional ones.

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    you mean, like mine?!

    ohh yes, i am a professional: i get paid extraordinary and incomprehensible amounts of money to make images of the 40x38 proportion.

    well... it's easy to make a fancy icon: grab a copy of Photoshop 6 and grab someone who can teach you how to use all of it, mess around with it for a few months, or take a class about it.

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    I think he means (and even so, I mean) that where do they get their ideas from, I think that making an icon must be easy, but making a good one is tough, check for example the Icon for morpheus(nothing personal), but it really sucks!


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