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    >>You don't have a TV, yet you have a computer!?

    I am in my final year of university. When I first came to uni I found I really needed a computer for my studies so I had to get one. Now, I didn't have much money and couldn't then really afford a TV so I went without. Now 4 years on, though I can afford a TV and TV license due to my uni work placements I actually find I don't miss it in the slightest so I don't bother. TV is generally full of rubbish anyhow.

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    > I watch TV on my computer, not my TV - does that count? (My monitor is bigger than my TV)
    I watch TV on my 36" Sony Wega flat-screen. PERFECT for my 9x11 foot bedroom. But since I output my computer to my tv VIA 4-way audio video selector & my Behringer mixer, I suppose I could get a tv card for my PC.

    I prefer for streaming music as they have TONS of radio stations, even ones playing obscure stuff like ORIGINAL NES music(one of the stages for mega man 3, straight out of the game, to be precise)

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    I listen to silvercord. You guys should really consider their music, very peaceful and relaxing.

    and yes, after listening to all 9 parts of bioluminescence you will go crazy (as crazy as moi).

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