Thread: I wonder what will happen in Israel

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    "Keeping those two things in mind, did that warrant kicking out the Palestinians?"


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    Do you guys think the Palestinians should have been kicked out in the first place? The following facts are true:
    1) The Jews were living in the area of Israel before the Palestinians (this was in ancient times). They were kicked out by the Romans.
    2) The Jews have always been a persecuted people, with the Holocaust and being kicked out by the Romans and countless other violations.

    Keeping those two things in mind, did that warrant kicking out the Palestinians?

    well, who can say, on the simplest of answers no, but there are so many sides to this conflict, its just hard to say.

    but whats done is done, only thing that gonna stop this is armageddon... hehe
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    Woohoo - the Israeli army broke up her funeral with teargas, sonic grenades AND A FSCKING TANK!

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    Originally posted by Govtcheez
    > the bulldozer had shielding which prevented full visibility

    Gee, wonder where she is
    How do you know that was taken just before she was run over?

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    The many eye witnesses and photographers present say that the bulldozer continued it's advance pushing the protestors along as it went. The protestors then took cover inside the building which was then demolished by the said bulldozer killing the girl in the process.

    Here is one account, search, there are many. There were a lot of cameramen present because it was a high profile action.
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