View Poll Results: Do bees/wasps bother you?

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  • Bees and wasps put me on edge

    16 55.17%
  • Bees and wasps don't really bother me

    12 41.38%
  • I've never had any experiences to form an opinion

    1 3.45%

Thread: Do bees bother you?

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    bees r gay.

    And Ali G says something like Rescept. he swaps the p and c. lol
    I AM WINNER!!!1!111oneoneomne

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    I think the people that say "Bees and wasps put me on edge" are scared the death of them..

    People who say "Bees and wasps don't really bother me" are blufing, there actually tarified of them..

    And people that say "I've never had any experiences to form an opinion" are stupid.. but there afraid too.

    oh ya... butterfly boy there is afraid of butterfies, and atta' stay inside so he wont die of a hart attack when he runs acros a wasp..

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    The thread lost it's life.
    A moderator can close it at will.
    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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