Thread: I am hosting a programming contest.

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    I am hosting a programming contest.

    I am starting a programming contest. It will be called Gunpowder Contest 2001. You create a shooter game, and when you're ready to enter it, post an URL to your game. I can be First Person, Third Person, or Platform shooter.

    There will be two divisions you can enter in. Original Engine, and Modified Engine. If you want the source to a great engine, Wolfenstein 3D by ID Software (Don't worry, it's perfectly legal as long as you don't make a profit from it) go to

    I used to use this engine, until I maxed out the engine. I put so much in it, that the frame rate was S-L-O-W. It isn't polygonal, but it still is in First person, 3-d perspective.

    You have until Spring 2002 to enter your program. Late Spring 2002, will be the judgement. Good luck.

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    oh, and by the way, to be exact, March 20th 2002 is the last day to enter your game.

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    i'm afraid this has been done already, my good man.

    30 posts for me today... i'm making up for my month of downtime.

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    Let me ask you: how is it gonna be judged, by who and what does the winner gets?


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    a while back there was talk of a contest. what happend with that? i remember someone saying they would write up the rules about it??? have i missed it?
    arrh, i got nothing good to say.

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