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    Today i switched over from Windows to Linux(not that i hate MS.. but wanted to learn Linux..).. I installed a slightly modified version of rh8 provided by a local magazine here with lots of more features...

    Any tutorials which will give me an insight into Linux working, administrating etc.. And what do you think i should start doin with my Linux box..


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    I found this book helpful

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    Dont compile and install the upgraded version of XFree86... all of yoru shortcuts stop working, and tonnes of other apps dont run. Also, don't run the HTTP Server application (rather set the configuration files for apache manually). These are just the experiences i've had with the last couple of days with RedHat 8.0 myself.

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    Remember if you need a certain windows program you can always dual-boot like I do, this way you can have the best of both worlds. Or you also might want to look at Virtual PC(never tryed) or VMware which is really nice. Making the switch cold turkey like that is harsh, goodluck!

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    this site is pretty good:
    There's alot of Howtos and guides, it'll keep you busy for awhile
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    I used to use Mandrake, but I didn't like it.

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    Originally posted by frenchfry164
    I used to use Mandrake, but I didn't like it.
    Any particular thing or reason why you didnt like it? I have 9.0 on my screw-with-box running KDE and i like it.

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    I can't imagine just swapping over cold turkey like that. For me I'll continue to 'multi-boot'. Especially since my Starband software is windows only.
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    Im going to attempt the conversion this summer. I currently have a dual boot system, but I dont use Linux too often.

    This summer I will attempt to use Linux close to 90% of the time that I am on the computer.

    I havent used Linux that much, so for me, my main objective is to get as comfortable with it, as I am with Windows. That may take a while, but that is my goal.

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