Thread: My teeth are terrible

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    My teeth are terrible

    I am 192 cm tall (about 6'3) and I think I could be pretty handsome, if it weren't for one thing, my teeth!

    They are just so awful! My dentist told me a while ago that I will always have glitches, since I have much space in relation to my teeth, in my mouth. They can get straighter with a brace though, but I thought it wasn't worth it. I am starting to regret this now, so maybe I should let my dentist know that I've changed my mind about it. But I want other information, do you know good "dentist sites"?

    Also, do you know if there is such a product, where you can have like "painted teeth" lines, that you can paste over your real teeth lines?

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    If u work at any kinda place with medical and dental coverage they will usually have a co-pay plan that will make it quite cheap to afford braces and other work.

    However, if your teeth are that bad you can just get them crowned - all the celebrities do it - it's just like permanent plaster they put over your bad teeth - they are permanent, straight, and white. But they are as much as 5,000 - 7,000 dollars for a whole set and I doubt they are covered by insurance as it is cosmetic.

    If u got the dough, it's probably the way to go.
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    I had a jaw widener for one year, then braces for 3 years, then a retainer for another, then braces for another 2 years. I have to wear a retainer at night, and behind my teeth are permanent braces. A total of $7000 CDN or so, and my teeth are fine. Its worth it man if you are willing to put in the time. And the insurance company will pay for around 60% of the costs.

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    Are you English? That would account for it...

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    Originally posted by -KEN-
    Are you English? That would account for it...

    The book of British smiles.

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    Well... we all obviousely speak english...

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    Originally posted by Xei
    Well... we all obviousely speak english...
    Konnen sie Deutsch sprechen, bitte?
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    You can get braces free over here. My smile is fine. Americans go overboard with the whole absolutely perfect identical piano teeth bleach white. It just looks cheesy and lame.

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    Don't feel bad. This is how mine looks!!!
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