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    Smile Spring Break dates

    Just curious we have our spring break this week March 10-14. Every year admin debate when to have this- also thinking about a fall break.

    How about the rest of you still in school and/or children still in school?

    Those of you that are out of the US do you have something similar to spring break?
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    In Denmark, the kids have a week off called, (translated), "Winter Holiday". The exact week tends to vary depending on the individual kommune, but generally it seems to becoming standardised on week 7.

    In the autumn, they have a week off called, (again translated), "Potato Holiday", that is always week 42. The strange name comes from historical times when the kids were off school to help with the potato harvest.
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    we have our spring break next week. it starts friday.

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    April 12-20. The school district decided to have spring break start much later this year possibly out of remembering how bitterly cold it was last spring break in March. It was cold (for spring) till the very last day of school around June 5 that year.

    In France they have a break in early February for skiing, but that seems kind of close to the Christmas/New Year's/winter break I'm sure they would have too. I don't know if there's also a break in March or April there.

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    Our school's schedule doesn't allow for a spring break

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    i just had a week vacation ..guess u can call it spring break. But in 5 weeks we also have a break(but that lasts for 2 weeks :d)

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    In Sweden, we have a week of holiday, which varies a bit in time of occuring, from different parts of the country, which translated to English would be named "sports holiday".

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    I'm in the middle of my spring break.
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    Spring Break is next week for me...yippy! We, also, have a 2 week winter break over Christmas time (can't call it Christmas break bc of the dirty **** jk ), and a few 2 day vacations throughout the year. Then nearly a 3 month summer break. And all that still isn't even enough.

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