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    machine language

    writing in machine contary to what i thought is not like an epic
    machine language takes almost the same number of lines as
    asm. im gone start learning machine.

    di need a compiler to compile machine to machine?seriously
    where do i start?

    in C/C++ :

    in ASM will become something like this :

    MOV eax, dword ptr [0012ab2a] ;

    ADD eax, 0x0A

    MOV dword ptr [0012ab34], eax

    in Machin-Language it will become something like this :


    which is stored like this into the memory :

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    There was an extensive discussion on this topic not too long ago, if memory servs the original poster was DavidP.

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    You cant write a .COM in any text editor, notepad adds CR LF's so it screws the prog, I beleive has a binary option tho.. I wrote a "Hex Compiler" once, it just goes through converting hex digits into there character (the machine sees every thing as binary, so you convert whatever number type your using into a character and the machine reads it) If you really want to get in on Low-Level stuff (I suggest you do, dispite what many say) do a searcxh for DEBUG.COM or DEBUG.EXE on your comp (should be there) theres plenty of tutorials for it aswell.
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    You can using any of the myriad hex editors around. Browse Download.
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