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    Computer Science School

    Does this school have a good computer Science program...its currently offering:

    - C++ programming including classes, inheritance, polymorphism,
    pointers, dynamic memory allocation, OOP, and basic
    data structures.

    - Networking(covers Network administration & socket programing)
    - Artificial Intelligence
    - Discrete mathematics (and a lot of other math classes)
    - Java
    - Web Architecture/Development
    - Project Management
    - Databases
    - ORACLE
    - Computer Organization and OS(Thread programing)
    - Software Engineering
    - Algorithms and Data Structures

    - VB(if desired...I think not tho)

    There are some MIS classes I could take too if I wanted.

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    I suppose it will depend on what you plan on getting out of your education. Im not really sure what a "good" one looks like, but just for comparison here are the classes currently offered at my school (anything >= 500 are grad courses)
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    I reccomend CGNU
    -Some random Debian Distro
    -Some version of MS-Dos
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    but does it teach comp sci.? Just knowing about computers doesn't mean you understand computer sci. Theory is the word that comes to mind. Ask students who have been to that school, and ask what it covers.

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    I agree with frenchfry. Look at the whole school. Look at the CS program? What college/school is it under? What degrees does it offer? Faculty? Also, Look for CSAB accrediation. CS programs in the US can be accredited by CSAB.

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    CS is not the only course relevant to the field, so be sure to not just focus your attention on CS.

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    The reason Im asking about this school is because I have a 100% paid schollarship to go there. I dont have a chance at getting something like that anywhere else. The only reason that I get that schollarship is because my high school is basically owned by that university. The school is well known for its math majors, it offers a lot of math to CS people, and it also does well in science...physics. It did meat all the requirements for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Based on the courses I you think it would be best to go there 4 years and then get my M.S. I want to get my M.S. anyways, that is if its actually beneficial anymore.

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    it might help to name the school and see about its rep. also, masters are helpful; people with masters usually get paid more.

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