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Thread: Would you vote for Bush again?

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    nova, every time you open your mouth you prove your an idiot.

    Why is it that some Americans want to silence debate?
    (although I enjoy it when the personal attacks start, as it shows that you have no factual basis to debate me upon)

    um...hummmm... read my next to last post, im done debating hate mongers and propaganda horses, on stuff they have little or no comprehension or understanding of.

    ignorance::lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified

    Sorry I thought I was well informed. What fact have I got wrong?

    see, your ignorant, you just proved it.

    Or is my interpretation that the US will act against UN resolutions incorrect?

    are you trying to answer you own question, come on boy you can do it, come on, thats it, so close, just a little more...

    im done talkin to you, i tried pointing out you errors to you before, and you just frikken ignore it, i get even more hateful.

    all you got a bull$$$$ facts, no morals no understanding no humanity, just stupid facts that mean nothing. GROW UP.
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    calm down there, no need to yell at people, PM them instead!!!

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    This has gone long enough. You girls can debate this in a PM...

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