Thread: Screaming idiot - shuttle "photo".

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    Rush Limbaugh...Fred Phelps...they're all on my list of people to take out before I die.

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    DP Monkey - if I were to follow the images from NASA TV when they're tracking the shuttle, I could safely conculde that columbia is 3 times the size of Texas.

    I remember seeing that photo several months ago - long before Columbia exploded.

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    guns dont kill people, abortion clinics kill people.

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    It's clearly fake. The lack of clouds is extremely suspicious but the day/night pattern is what seals it - notice that Northern Greenland, Iceland, and Norway are all illuminated. The Columbia mission took place in January. At that time of year these northern regions are in total darkness all day.

    Also, you cannot see the seafloor from space. The ocean is opaque beyond a few tens of meters' depth even in clear regions. So not only is this not from Columbia, it's not even a real photograph...

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    The nighttime area(w europe, north africa) is actualy, rush
    limbaugh,s belly reflected on the picture while erasing the

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