Its easy;

think of a job or(bussines) you would do for free.
then choose that as your career.because even if u dont make
lots of money at it,u are still a winner.
but most probably ,chances are that u make it big(because u do what u like to do).

be it be dogtraining, firefighting,social activist,cartoon graphist, medicine, programming.

speaking of programming.the fact that u are asking that question
of ,which career to choose?probably means that ,programming
is not it for u.

me i have been doing (for a few years)programming as a great hobby.because it makes me happy (not money).

programmingly speaking if u want to have a great social life
do this:

create your own world environment API (the way to mingle).
initialize all variables(individuals) = TRUE; unless proven

otherwise. use assert.h and utilize(getlasterror() often. make
your loved ones as type global boolean TRUE. and use
DeleteObject() fast to get rid of the bad bugs.

initialize ur class interface functions(dealing with people) public (open) and friend ,not private .(or better yet , just use C).

Dont mind me. i gote bad cold, with a 39 fever