Thread: Code your way to a free degree.

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    Code your way to a free degree.

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    Nice idea. It's a good way to attract young programmers. Aimed at 16 and 17 year olds. If I was only a year older... If I was staying permanently in England... If I knew a lot more C++... So many ifs...
    Runners-up receive Microsoft software. I image they'll be Visual Studio and the such.
    Not bad a year working for MS, but, what if you're a Linux programmer? Working in MS!? Although your programs probably wont count since the won't run in the judges computers!
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    Too bad it's for UK only, the first round was a breeze. I wonder if any Universities over here run anything like that.

    Hmm, isn't there some sort of scholarship database where you can look this stuff up?

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    8,823 has a ton of scholarship info, but the spam the crap out of you (although that might be opt-in - I filled it out so long ago I don't remember)

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