Thread: Anyone remember....?

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    Anyone remember....?

    Anyone here remember XCOM: Apocalypse?
    Now there was a great game which I still play regulary(or at least if I could get it to work on my comp I would)!

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    Hidoi Ryuujin
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    Thumbs down

    I usually get bored after about a few weeks of game time. The ground combat system is too slow. My main thing was raiding the Cult of Sirius every five seconds to get money, but that gets old. I usually quit playing at about the time I first get disruprtor weapons.
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    X-Com Apocalypse wasnt that good, it was ok. I started playing with the origional X-COM UFO Defense and loved playing it for hours on end. Now if only the stupid collectors edition would work, damn thing shows up as a mess of blured images and is impossible to see I wish I kept my old pentium pro 133 so i could play the origionals still.
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    I have to agree that the original is good(UFO: Enemy Unknown as it was called over here in England), and that Terror from the Deep was quite poor for a sequel, but I do think that XCOM: Apocalypse was the best of the 3 because of the real time element and I too enjoyed raiding the Cult of Sirius!!

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    I didn't play with it, but I saw some screen shot and I didn't like it.

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