Thread: I don't get a display on my monitor...

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    I don't get a display on my monitor...

    On my other computer, I went into the BIOS to change the video to use the PCI card instead of the AGP card. I thought I had the PCI card in, but I found out I didn't. Now nothing comes up on the monitor except the thing that says "This is a self test. Check the monitor cable and PC."

    The problem is that the computer wants to use a PCI card (enabled in the BIOS), but there is no PCI card. I even tried then putting a PCI card in. Still doesn't work. Then I thought if I took the AGP card out, it would revert back to the onboard video card. Still no luck. Now I can't get to see the BIOS to change it back to AGP, so I'm sort of stuck. Any help?

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    i'd say this is a tech board thread but ok...

    try reseting the BIOS, just take the battery out .This should turn everything to it's default setting.
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