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    Question .NET Blues

    I just got my copy of Visual Studio .NET Architect Edition.

    All these days I have been working on concepts and on a very primitive compiler (Turbo C++ v3.1)... It was a 16 bit compiler... I was mainly concentrating on logics, data structures, methodologies etc... never gave a thought about windows programming...

    Now I feel I want to learn .NET... I have hardly worked with VC++ except that I have some experience with VB 6 and a very minimal experience with ASP. Do you think starting with .NET is a good idea? and I donít know where to start from... I see that you can code in C# etc... etc that is everything can be mixed...

    What do you recommend and in which order should I start... And please give me links to good tutorials (beginnerís tutorials to way up the ladder)... I am ready to spend a lot of time on this stuff...

    Thanx in advance for your suggestions and help...
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    MSDN also has some information on using MASM with C++ in your projects.

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    Thanx.. The 2nd site is good... but did not answer my questions.. ANy way thank you..

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    Starting with .NET is fine. I suggest C# as a starting language, it has C++ like syntax and the easy way of RAD you know from VB.

    C# is designed to interface neatly and without little helpers with the .NET Framework. Managed VC on the other hand gets even more obfuscated with .NET enhancements.

    Look at all the links here and follow the ones you like best.

    Have fun.

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    Thanx.. I have started learning C#..

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    I agree with nvoigt, C# would be the best to start with. I would learn the same ideals you've learned in the past, only now using C#. Acutally programming in Windows isn't hard since you're just dragging and dropping. Good luck!

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