Thread: "iraq war- the unspoken truth"

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    It was a direct translation of the Dutch word "staats kapitalisme", however a search on Google got a couple of hits on "state capitalism".

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    It was worded that way to attempt to associate failure with capitalism. nice try.

    I don't know why anyone would take their political theory from Tony Cliffton anyway. he's just Andy Kaufman in disguise. idIO+ 8@1T
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    i guess if you dont want protection from the US(i know WMD arent really "protection") the i guess well just let everyone run over you like they did 50 year ago.
    DONT u say that again EVER.
    Apparently you havent been to Diksmuide or Ieper in Belgium.
    If you do visite it once go and have a look because ill tell ya how many ppl there are lying under the ground its amazing.

    During the war the belgians were one of the most resistant ppl.
    Lookup something about the trenches (however that is written)
    of the Ijzer (thats a river) hell it took the nazi force so long to get through those lines that in the end they gave that part of belgium up.

    So dont you ever act like we were wussys and didnt do a thing. My grandfather lost his leg in that war so dont you come ::wa $$$$ im off:: ::cant stand nonsense::

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    FFS people - no one here is going to convince anyone else that their view is correct. This is done.

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    Iraq war- the unspoken truth (?? Hidden)

    Wow.. did not know much of them.

    Sorry I'm late. But can anyone tell me about the economical information (history not any political statements) in the article is not true.
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    What do u call the YEN - a reserve currency? Probably not but it is a world player.

    What about the euro being restricted by political boundaries such as 30 some odd countries participating this will always be a limiting factor.

    3rdly, the trend is already for electronic currency - dollars, yen, euros - make no difference as everything will be traded electronically.

    4th, the euro with all it's political and tax monger(socialistic) member states will limit it to be a competitor and not overtake the dollar anytime soon...

    5th, the US is the largest consumer of oil around globally - if it tranistioned to renewable or other fuel types the oil market would tank and so would the euro if it ties itself to oil.

    6thly, why if it was the case would we wait 12+years to act on saddam's oil games?

    7th, the article makes some points about the vunerabilities of the dollar as a reserve currency - but it's premise is flawed, we are just as vulnerable as the rest of the globe and remember this a world recession - the US is still stronger than many other EU countries at that.

    8th, if russia became a part of the EU or even if not and the US took action to reduce the oil market and it's consumption then russia and several other former soviet states would be in an economic mess that the EU would have to burden - if u don't think that billions or trillions in loans that won't be repaid anytime soon won't affect the value of the euro, you're sadly mistaken.
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