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    Hrm, There seems to be something lacking, and Im not sure if it was by choice or by unconcious decision or by just lack of realization. But I am posting this in the hope it will some day help a woman to land a geek guy.

    Believe it or not, geeks guys are man guys too. Geeks just like jocks, rebels and preps have the darkner nature of wanting a trophy woman. Undstanding eyes, and caring attitude will only get you so far, but semi-perfect bodily proportion will bound your your geek guy over the edge of like, clear into lustily love.

    What can I say, geeks can be shallow too.
    (it should be realized my posts are all in a light hearted manner. And should not be taken offense to.)

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    This may sound stupid, but what are "preps" or "preppies"?
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    how long will it be until the attractive females see the light? i dont know but ill be waiting.
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    Originally posted by valar_king
    This may sound stupid, but what are "preps" or "preppies"?
    That depends... in my high school it was the "pretty people"... usually someone of a higher financial standing.. that term can also apply to a "smart group"... or slang for "college prep"... which was a cirriculum in my HS.

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    at my school i think preps would best be defined as those varsity athletes who are preparing to go on to college. mostly constists of higher class kids who are stupid ignorrant jerks, but let's not go into that now.
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    Ever since the masked nerd befriended the attractive woman in Revenge of the Nerds and said the now famous line, "Because nerds think about it all the time," it's been no secret to women everywhere that nerds/geeks/what-have-you-now are top-notch relationship material for any woman; and I applaud Mikki Halpin and Victoria Maat's attempt to give women the extra confidence they need to approach the tech elite.

    Unfortunately, as frequently happens when dealing with stereotypes, accuracy is always the first thing sacrificed. If you happen to be one of the true geeks, like me, you would appreciate the finer and possibly ethnic cooking that cannot be found at a McDonald's or in a Hostess cupcake wrapper. And forget Star Trek: Real geeks are not bound by mortal categories like TV show genres.

    Really, this guide was good for a laugh, but it only reinforces the geek stereotype in the end.

    Topic change! (R)

    Yeah, preps are evil. Everyone knows they're just a bunch of GPA-chasing trend followers.

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