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    Originally posted by face_master
    BTW, you're always telling stories of fixing ppl's comps. How do these people all ask u and do you get paid?
    well... first of all, you have to know how to do it. That's why they're not beating your door down

    I get calls all the time for computer help... I'm trying to make an appointment with a guy some nite this week to work on his. I don't even know him.

    And ditto RoD on the charges... I don't usually hit up immediate family unless it's a computer that isn't theirs. Otherwise, I try to go easy on people, especially if it's an easy fix.

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    I charge nothing for family, but heres my out look: Under an hours, eh no big. More than an hour i charge, usually ten an hour but i usually only take two tops. The biggest cash i ever pulled was 300.00 for building the pc, installs etc. I never would have charged that much if he hadn't spent the entire time playing "whats this?".

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    My charges usually vary... if I get stuck and can't figure it out, I'm not going to charge someone for diagnostic time. (Cuz most of the time I'm just being retarded)

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