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    They did right, Lock the bastards behind bars, It's their fault most
    pc users have a bad name.
    I don't think any eleven year old should have any worse punishment than a suspension (barring murder). It seems unfair to impose such harsh rules on someone so young. If he really does get expelled from school the rest of his life will be completely changed forever. Haven't any of you guys gotten in trouble with the law at least once? I think everyone has.

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    hes young....he needs to learn through guidence, not thru bars.

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    that's right

    My school is the easiest target. I could plant a virus on one computer, and it would spread so quickly across the school network, it's not funny. Not one comp has antivirus, and they have NO firewall. The server comp has the IP address posted on a stickey on the monitor. I've already got into it a couple times.

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    You won't believe how stupid my school is. First of all, the administrator *tries* to restrict access to most exes, and use web filtering. All I did was make a c program with the line "system("cmd");". Voila! Now I can browse all drives, rename exes to run any of them, play games, etc etc.

    Now here's the stupid part: They have a AppleWorks document with teacher usernames and passwords, that any kid has access to when they log on a school computer! Not too many kids know that, but still why would they do something so stupid?

    Stupid part II: They keep the Opera browser with a built-in proxy on a shared network drive that each kid has access to when they log on! No more web filtering!

    The "average" kid doesn't know this stuff, but with just a little computer smarts it's not too hard.

    Stupid part III: Administrator:
    username: adminfirst
    password: adminlast


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    Originally posted by Silvercord
    Haven't any of you guys gotten in trouble with the law at least once? I think everyone has.

    Putting him behind bars is indeed a little harsh but then again
    he changed his grades and that's worth quite a punishment
    in my eye's, toilets for 1 month?

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