Thread: Starting DOS Programming

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    Starting DOS Programming

    Ok, I want to start programming in DOS, but Im told that I need a compiler that compiled 16-bit DOS .COM files...
    Is this true?
    If so, where might I find one?

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    first, the extension means nothing to the computer, it sees EXE's and COM's the same, its the code inside that counts! a .COM normaly means a single 64k segmant an EXE can really hold an infinant amount, but it depends how its organized! Also! there can be True-16bit-DOS-EXE's a compiler that only does .COM's aint to great of a compiler! But yes, you do need a compiler that outputs 16-Bit DOS code, not jsut Console, console is a whole other story

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    they give out turbo c 2.01 for free, it compiles 16 apps only.
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