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    I'm attempting to add an autorun-style feature to my text-based OE. Basically, while it's waiting for character to be typed it'll call a subroutine that checks for autorun.inf on drive D: (or whatever) every second or so. However, if there is no CD in the drive DOS will helpfully inform me that nothing's in there (Abort, retry, fail stuff). Is there any way of checking to see if a CD is in the drive before actually attempting to access the disc?
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    I need to check some docs, but Im very sure theres some INT's that'll do it, Ill check right now...

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    I didnt find any INT's DOS/BIOS at all but that was a quick search, check there for a good complete INT list.
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    Thanks KrAzY CrAb I'll check it out
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    I believe it is interrupt 2Fh but I'm not positive. Look it up on google because this is where I found my info at. I'm not on my system right now so I don't have access to my files or I could tell you much more.

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