Thread: Some people just shouldnt be programmers....

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    Originally posted by napkin111
    Carmack used it?? GOTO R00LZ!
    Originally posted by Travis Dane
    Hmmmm,hmmmm!! hmmm? HMMM!!!! hmmm......
    Sorry, i can't get the lame example out of my mouth, i had
    something to do with following other people....

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    Originally posted by Travis Dane
    Ok, Fine, But if the end result (a game) is your ONLY motivation,
    then you shouldn't be programming. You really need to like
    programming itself.
    Nope, sorry. The completed game is my only motivation. I don't
    care about anything else -- and I'm still programming (sometimes).
    Personally, I don't like the actual act of programming. It's boring,
    and leads to a lot of frustration. I swear, there have been bugs
    that have almost caused me to cry.

    Oh, and let's not forget how bad your eyes start to hurt after
    staring at a monitor for 3+ hours (with all the lights in the room
    turned off). And your back -- my habbit of slouching in my chairs
    has molded me into a Quasimoto-esque shape. I'm hideous, and
    I blame it on the computer....

    But if it means that, in the end, I'd have created my own game,
    my own characters, my own little ethic-like world -- I'll suffer
    through it.
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