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    >u all forget to point out cheating is for people who otherwise suck.

    or for people for whom playing normally has grown boring.

    i played this game almost a year before i ever learned it was possible to cheat. i played for another couple years condemning cheaters for the reason you pointed out.

    now im to the point where finding exploits in the game and killing people are just about the only things worth doing. and ive found so many in-game exploits that im ready to take it up to the next level: creating them.

    i dont cheat to ruin the game for other people. usually i will find a bug, play with it, then never use it again. i get pleasure from finding the bugs, but not from using them. its similar to the excitement you get from solving a tough problem. its the thrill of the chase.

    anyway, i thought it would be good programming experience...
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    The data stream is encrypted and the encryption changes regularly (Thats what killed UoE), which limits your ability to "cheat" too much. There are already programs like easyUO that do just about everything you can do without utilising the data stream (tho as far as i can see easyUO is just for macroing alternatively you could just buy UoA (assuming you don't have it).

    I suppose it would be a fun project anyhow =)

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    well, ever since trammel (UO guys will know what im talking about) ive been playing on free emulators, so i doubt they have as much encryption as the standard OSI shards do. plus, they are a whole lot more buggy so i have a lot to entertain myself without having to go to third party programs.
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    > fail to see how a hex editor would help you in FPS games and how a debugger would help in this case.<

    My reply may have been slightly slighlty tongue in cheek, but how do you reconcile failing to see how a debugger would help with

    For this, you are well advised using a debugger

    Is a debugger useful or not?

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