Thread: Just got my Zelda Bonus Disc. Jealous?

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    Just got my Zelda Bonus Disc. Jealous?

    Yeah you are. Just admit it...

    This is the greatest pre-order campaign ever. I know the games
    are old, but Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest games ever --
    and to get it for free? Fantastic.

    You may all now start envying me... Go ahead, don't be afraid.

    It's so cool. I thought it'd be just some cheap giveaway in a
    cardboard CD-sleeve. But no, it's in a real case. Complete with
    an instruction booklet and everything.
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    Ocraina? Wasn't that one for the N64? Or did they port it just
    for the heck of it.

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    NOPE!!! i dont like the zelda series, played em, but just not a big fan so HA..........yes, i'll go stand against the wall so you guys can stone me
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