Thread: Homemade hair bleaching solution

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    Pay a bump to experiment on him.
    Gimme info!!

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    between photons and phonons
    id say : sneak into the school lab and steal some of that H2O2
    but look on the etiquet so u have a low concentration....

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    Here you get good quality hair colors from many top brands for cheap say Rs 250 that is around 5 $.. You get shades such as yellow, brown, black, purple , green, sun gold etc...

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    And as for your H2O2, its one oxygen away fro H2O, true, but that extra oxygen makes a huge difference in chemistry. e.g. H2O2 is highly explosive.
    That's right... the Germans experimented with Hydrogen Peroxide as a propellant for rocket engines during World War 2. It will spontaneously ignite when it comes in contact with Sodium Permanganate or Calcium Permanganate. They used the stuff to fuel their Me 163 rocket planes. Check this out, and go to the Aircraft Propulsion section. In high enough concentrations this stuff could probably eat through your flesh. The guys responsible with refuling the fighters had to wear thick gloves/suits and make sure they didn't mix the fuels that went into the two fuel tanks.
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    >>I really don't think sticking hydrogen peroxide on your head is a good idea; Its incredably reactive stuff and without knowing what concentration you are supposed to use you could really damage yourself.

    Dude i just told him what concentration to use. If you research this on the internet theres tons of tables listing amounts per water that go along with what i said. I gave the one thats most commonly used.

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    "Dude i just told him what concentration to use"

    Fair enough, i must have missed your reply when i posted.

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    Well, I tried it. We just put the "3%" hydrogen peroxide (stuff in the brown bottle) into a spray container. Every once in awhile we sprayed some on, massaged it in. Then later we made a paste by mixing it with baking soda, then it wouldn't drip out. Anyhow, it didn't bleach it as much as it gets bleached when you use store-bought stuff, but it took some color out of my hair.

    I'm already blond, with a little red. When I bleach it from the store-bought stuff it'll get more white. Well ok then, thanks for the replies.

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