Thread: What inspired you to become a computer programming?

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    What inspired you to become a computer programming?

    For most people its an inactive social life which causes their love for computers to grow quickly. For me....well....its an inactive social life and the desire of game making.

    What inspired you to code on your free-time?
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    Net Yaroze. I wanted one sooo badly -- even though I knew nothing
    about how games were made.
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    I was threatened with a choice of K&R or a cattle prod. I picked the one that was more painful.

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    Not sure...always just wondered what made computer programs tick. I used to love to type on my dad's old monochrome orange and black PC. Can't remember what it was...I think maybe one of the first kinds of IBM? It ran CP/M or something...

    Can't say it's ever had anything to do with my social life, though I've been able to balance the two...

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    i dont know what inspired me honestly, i just started to become more interested in not antisocial or anything, ok well, maybe a little, but thats not what made interested. either way i started to take some classes on hardware and programming....which lead me to game programming.
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    I just was good at comps since I started, started web page html stuff, then i started a class on c++, got hooked, and i plan to major in comp engineering in college.

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    Life story::

    Saw the movie Wargames
    Thought hacking was cool. (When I was still in my larval state, so don't blame me for being a llama ) Went on google. Searched some documents on "How to hack". Read documents returned. They all had 'programming' as a pre-requisite. Directly went on learning C++ (instead of the 'recommended' VB for noob programming... gay teachers tryna waste my time... ) because of my huge ego. On the way, learnt the true definition of hacking, and cracking. Lost interest in hacking. Continued programming. So there ya go folks! My epic *sniff* struggle of a life story.
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    I think it was after making my own page in HTML, and using the JavaScript snippets in my page (which everyone thought was SO cool) I wanted to learn how to make my own JavaScripts. It just so happened that the website where I was learning HTML ( had JavaScript tutorials. JavaScript lead to PERL (which a friend introduced me to) and PERL lead to C++.

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    I live on the internet. I have no social life. I love math. I'm creative.


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    I always liked computers, I can my first one when I was in the second grade... Then I wanted to know how to make my own programs, and I started learning programming, and I went to college to study computer sciences.

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    >>> What inspired you to become a computer programming?


    I was at Uni and deeply involved in a paleaontology project involving the production of hundreds of statistical "scatter diagrams". In the bar one evening I got chatting to some Comp. Sci. students who told me the Uni's mighty ICL 1904 mainframe would produce these things quickly and easily.

    I did a few, hmm, I did a few more, nice, I looked into other ways this thing could do my work for me, I started spending lab hours in the computer room not the lab, I became the School of Earth Science's "computer man"...

    I am now a software engineer.
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    well it began with me when i was 7 , i think. my father is a programmer, i loved sharing him some stuff . i learnt BASIC programming and keep on it for a long time then i learnt FORTRAN, PASCAL, Visual Basic... and finally i felt that C++ is the door i was looking for all these years. i could do much better all over these years (im 21 now) . but the system of study in egypt and the social life was obstacles in front of me (beside being little moody guy )

    thats it .......

    by the way , i think everyone ve to try to keep his social life out of the effect of his coputerized_life , we are human beings
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    Well, I always liked creating things myself, And i've done so in
    the past (Mapping, Modeling), But making your own program
    is a really an incredible expirience. And the reason why i'm going
    to continue with programming to the fullest is because i think
    i have the 'things' required to program (logic thinking, good at
    math, good at.....lost its goddamn name..., and of course a
    good motifation). And even though i started out late with
    programming (14), I cathed up REALL quick (i was in C++ within
    4 months).

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    What got me started was an old windows 3.1 computer. As lame as it sounds, heres the story. This computer never loaded windows unless you typed win.exe at the console.

    Well one day, keep in mind i was only 7, i was screwing with a program, and the program called for an edit in autoexec. After figuring out i could load it with the text editor, i also realized what the lines in it were doing.

    Sooner than i knew it i was trying to program it(as u can call it) to load windows before this other junk. Next thing you know, i had windows booting as it should.

    Then i was into HTML pretty heavy, i soon out-learned my teacher(5th grade) in that subject, and kind of stalled. After a month or so i was fixing the computer in my different class rooms(still 5th grade).

    Before i hit 8th grade i had the comp i'm on now(lol), and i was into the basics of pascal. Between than and 11th i picked up networking and got certified in it. In 11th i found Visual Basic, and now i'm in CS2, study of C++.

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    I first became fascinated w/computers when I saw Solataire on Windows 3.1. When I went to school, there was only 1 other kid who knew anything about computers, and he and I were very competitive. Over the summer I took a course in LOGO, and that was my introduction to programming. I was so good, I would say something like "How do you tell the computer to do one thing if a statement is true and another if it is not?" and then he would tell us about if/else statements just cuz I was smart enuough to understand the concept. I didn't really get into C++ until I moved to a different country, and all the computer magazines were more professional than gaming oriented, so I decided to learn more programming so that the 30 pages of tutorials in the magazine on stuff like "Semigon converters in a UNIX runtime environment and other applications of OOP" wouldn't go to waste.
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